“EU should not lose the momentum to relaunch dialogue with the United States”

(Photo: Olivier Hoslet/EPA)

Augusto Santos Silva, Portugal’s Foreign Minister, called upon EU lawmakers to not lose the new momentum to restore transatlantic dialogue after the Biden administration offered an olive branch.

Portugal is currently leading the Council of the EU and during a meeting with the European Parliament foreign affairs committee, Silva announced the council will seek to “re-launch transatlantic dialogue and consultation by taking advantage of the new momentum offered by the Biden administration in the United States”. Silva stressed the importance of dialogue instead of confrontation, even in the face of great issues between the EU and the US, such as trade, taxation, or issues with large tech companies. 

Although Portugal is firmly behind the strengthening of the EU’s strategic economy, according to Silva this does not mean the transatlantic link should be weakened. According to the Foreign minster it should mean the contrary: “For example, strengthening investment in defence and security means strengthening the European pillar of NATO, not weakening our strong link with the US and Canada, but the opposite”. He emphasized that defending and strengthening the EU’s strategic autonomy should not result in sovereign or protectionist attitudes, but rather “having a sense of geopolitical balance and seeking to lead, not only by example, but also by action”.