EDA recommends developing counter measures for “game-changing” drones

In the last decade combat operations saw an increase in the use of sophisticated aerial drones. During conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine and more recently Nagorno-Karabakh drones were used for espionage and locating enemy formations, with such a precision that defence analysts labelled them “game-changers” in modern warfare. 

Defense News notes that not surprisingly one of the recommendations in the European Defence Agency’s “Coordinated Annual Review on Defence” is to invest in a “European capability to counter unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to improve force protection, aswell as contributing to establish a European standard for Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD)”. 

The Review concludes that European A2/AD capabilities are in an early phase and the member states are at a crossroad to either developed in close collaboration, or the EU will miss another chance to develop an initiative that serves future European forces. This call is part of a wider call for more harmonization between EU member states in order to enhance a future European Defence Force. The review recommend to invest in a total of six different capabilities, including more harmonization in weaponry, such as a single type of European battle tank.