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Sunday, October 24, 2021

    Dutch Journalist accesses confidential EU video meeting after cracking the access code

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    A journalist from the Dutch news broadcast RTL Nieuws accessed a confidential meeting between the Defence Ministers of the EU member states. The journalist, Daniel Verlaan, cracked the access code after Dutch minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld posted a photo on Twitter that showed a part of the access code.

    After a few attempts Verlaan gained access to the meeting, that was   as soon as the different ministers found out that they were in the presence of an unexpected guest. After High Representative Josep Borrell asked Verlaan if he new he was in a secret meeting, Verlaan apologized and left. 

    The fact that after obtaining the access codes there was no extra security wall raised questions amongst security analysts. If a journalist was able to obtain access after cracking the code with only limited information, how hard can it be for intelligence services from example China or Russia to gain access? The Dutch ministry of Defence explained an employee accidentally posted the photo with a part of the accessed code and stated that it was a “stupid mistake”. The photo was deleted from Bijleveld’s twitter shortly after. 

    A suprised Daniel Verlaan after accessing the EU Defence ministers meeting (Photo: Twitter/DanielVerlaan)

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