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Sunday, October 24, 2021



    Why the European Union has to take back control in the Mediterranean

    In 2020, we saw rising tension between Greece and Turkey over gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean. While de-escalating efforts are the immediate...

    Does the EU want to ban or regulate lethal autonomous weapons?

    International debates on the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWs), often described as “killer robots”, are reviewing conflicting viewpoints by state actors. At...

    The new Cold War? Hundreds of Russian military aircraft intercepted across Europe in 2020

    Air forces from NATO intercepted over 400 unknown aircraft approaching the alliance airspace in 2020. In around 350 cases the unknown aircraft appeared to...

    Can NATO withstand the onerous 21st century challenges?

    As geopolitical realities are changing and digital warfare is on the rise NATO has to adopt once again. Its success depends heavily  on its...

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