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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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    Jasper de Vries

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    UK Contribution to EU mission in Bosnia comes to an end after 16 years

    After a contribution of 16 years, the United Kingdom ended its contribution to the EUFOR mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a flaw lowering...

    European Commission rewards Estonian Milrem robotics

    Estonia and the Estonian company Milrem are rewarded with a grant by the European Commission to develop a standard architecture for military unmanned ground...

    Start ‘SEA Defence’ project officially announced by project leader Damen Shipyards

    Damen announced the official start of ‘SEA Defence’ project, funded by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIPD). The project is a collaboration of SEA...

    EU builds towards more “hard power” influence abroad

    For the first time in its existence, the EU will use its power to send military aid and equipment to foreign conflicts. The Financial...

    Dutch Journalist accesses confidential EU video meeting after cracking the access code

    A journalist from the Dutch news broadcast RTL Nieuws accessed a confidential meeting between the Defence Ministers of the EU member states. The journalist,...

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