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Friday, February 26, 2021
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    Bastiaan Reurink

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    France sells 18 Rafale fighter aircrafts to Greece

    On the 25th of January Theodoros Lagios, the director general of armaments and investments at the Greek Ministry of Defense, and Eric Trappier, chairman...

    New steps towards improving relations EU – Turkey in 2021

    For more than 15 years, Turkey has been a candidate to join the European Union. Due to several disputes in a tumultuous 2020, membership...

    Why the European Union has to take back control in the Mediterranean

    In 2020, we saw rising tension between Greece and Turkey over gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean. While de-escalating efforts are the immediate...

    Does the EU want to ban or regulate lethal autonomous weapons?

    International debates on the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWs), often described as “killer robots”, are reviewing conflicting viewpoints by state actors. At...

    Can NATO withstand the onerous 21st century challenges?

    As geopolitical realities are changing and digital warfare is on the rise NATO has to adopt once again. Its success depends heavily  on its...

    EU diplomats: participation UK and US in EU defence projects under ‘exceptional basis’

    News agency Reuters reported that according to three EU diplomats the UK, the US and other non-members will be allowed to participate in future...

    ‘The Netherlands must review its EU military vision ’

    The Netherlands must focus much more on the European defence and security policy, the advisory council AIV reported. At the moment, NATO is still...

    Maritime Surveillance project MARSUR launched its third phase

    EDA’s longstanding Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR) project entered a new phase on 19 November 2020 when the Agency launched its third phase, focused on the...

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