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European Defence Commentator is a news and opinion platform. Our goal is twofold: first we update our readers on the latest news related to European defence initiatives, ideas, the defence industry, politics, missions, and operations. Second, this website gives room to opinion contributions. We aim for a wide variety of opinion topics, with an equal variety in background from the contributors. This includes academics, politicians, active and former military personnel, people from the defence industry, diplomats, activists, and many others.

By both providing our readers with the latest news and more in-depth articles from our contributors, we hope to further stimulate the debate around European Defence. Our additional goal is to reach beyond that. European Defence Commentator is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. In this way, we aim to function as an international network. We welcome you to contribute in form of an article or to follow us on one of the social media platforms & recommend you to sign up for our newsletter.